Withstanding the Pressure of the Times … Traditional Medicine

Our journey into exploring the power of nature started many years ago with a simple and powerful motivation: our loved ones needed help that nobody else could provide. We dived deep into the traditional use of plants and natural options to address health. We researched thousands of hours, and we found many of the traditional medicines that resisted the pressure of time are intensively used today for a better life. However, beyond anecdotes and equally important, scientists have been able to demonstrate during the past decades that many of the ancient plants from traditional medicine contain ingredients extremely relevant that have the capability to positively influence and improve our life.

With MCS Formulas we offer our customers some of the most relevant plants and other natural compounds we are aware of. To do this, we select the products only if they fit the following criteria:

  • Outstanding as Traditional Medicine
  • Outstanding results in the Scientific Literature
  • We have a good Understanding of related Cellular Mechanism

At MCS Formulas we start with offering more than 30 products and we will constantly increase our offerings, as we constantly identify new compounds that deserve to be brought to you.


We were and are daily exposed to people in need, scientists and medical doctors, and we have a good understanding and care for what our customer need.

All our previous actions demonstrate that we have a good care about others more than about us.

This is why we combine our Knowledge and Care to build a product portfolio that delivers some of the most relevant natural products that add maximum value in one or more of the following dimensions:

we always try to fit larger amounts of active ingredients into one capsule.
In our view delivering the right strength has the highest priory for delivering the value that we are looking for when taking supplements.

We do plan, that to add products at lower strengths in a second phase, but strength is priority for us.

We work with quality manufacturers that are willing and have the capability to manufacture our products with minimum additives. Often additives are required in order to lower production costs (like Magnesium Stearate) and to fill completely the capsules (like Cellulose).

As you will see in our products, we do as much as possible to reduce and often eliminate these elements since we think this is best for you, and specifically for those people using larger amounts of capsules each day. Too much cellulose may make us feel the stomach full faster and may have no desire to eat anymore which is often undesirable. Magnesium Stearate is believed to sometimes reduce the absorption of specific extracts. And so on, we could continue to discuss Mldodrextrin and others.

In addition, all of our products are manufactured with Vegan capsules, non-GMO, manufactured in high quality facilities, and all tested for contaminants in line with the European Regulations (we are located in the Netherlands).

 as you can read on “About US” page, MCS Formulas has started with an important goal in our mind. And that is twofold. First, we aspire to make a positive difference to your life by combining our knowledge and care about you. Second, we wish to support the development of projects to accelerate the transfer of academic knowledge to clinical space, to improve and extend life of cancer patients.

Therefore, our goal is to grow and be able to help even more, but a healthy and fair growth. And because we started MCS Formulas with our hearts, fair prices to you is what we are going to deliver.

With us, you will not only experience fair prices now, but as we grow, our customers will experience an increasing number of benefits.