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Prostate Pack

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Prostate Pack

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“Prostate Pack”: Our Formula in a BOX

We understand the complexity of the supplement world and how difficult it is for many people to find their way in order to identify

  • what supplements are the most suitable to use as a support
  • where to buy them
  • how to take them

Typically, in order to address all these questions, it takes an important amount of time and research of the traditional and scientific literature.

With Prostate Pack, we address exactly those questions to help our customers:

  • select the most relevant supplements in our view
  • access some of the best supplements in terms of purity, strength and bioavailability
  • have a one-stop shop to minimize searching time

We compile everything into a Pack, based on our extensive research of scientific and traditional evidence. These food-supplements combinations are selected based on synergy potential, so that they help each other to work better.

In addition, if you buy the whole Pack, we provide you with a Schedule to give you a structure in terms of what and when to take during the day (morning/afternoon/evening, before/with a meal).

In that way, you don’t just receive a box of supplements at home and spend time to plan how to start using them. With the schedule we provide, you know exactly what to do, so that you can immediately start taking your supplements.

We are not in the position to recommend other doses than those listed on the label of each product. To verify the most suitable dose for your specific need, please consult with your healthcare provider. Therefore, the daily dose we indicate in the schedule, is in line with the recommendations listed on the label of each product.

The schedule will be delivered to you as a PDF and Excel document (by email), so that if your healthcare provider indicates a different daily dose, you can simply change the doses we included with those from your healthcare provider.

If you wish to change the content of the Prostate Pack, you can do that easily. You can add or remove any product you like. You can increase the number of Jars (bottles) of each product according to your wish.

We do not charge anything for this service.

Why can you TRUST we do a good job in selecting some of the best products?

  • WE HAVE GOOD KNOWLEDGE: We have a scientific background, and we spent a good part of our life researching the scientific evidence behind various compounds
  • WE CARE: We do everything with people’s needs in mind. We already demonstrated this during many years as we offered free help to anyone requesting our help, out of millions of visitors (for more information, please visit our page “About US”).


Every day, our knowledge improves as we are constantly researching. That means that from time to time the content of this box may change slightly and new compounds may be added to make it even stronger.

Other products not in our stock at this moment that we recommend combining with Prostate Pack: Vitamin D3


If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or blood thinners please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach from children. Do not exceed the daily intake recommended by your healthcare provider.

Additional information:

Selecting the right source of supplements, it’s a major challenge and extremely important:

  • When buying your supplements pay attention to make sure the dose per capsule is what you need. Do not draw conclusions based on the front label and always check the backside of the label indicating the “Supplement Facts”. Various brands indicate on the front label the “serving size” and not the weight of the supplement in a capsule. The “Serving size” may often refer to two or more capsules. This makes the product look more competitive but it is often misleading.
    MCS Formulas always clearly state the amount of the supplement in a single capsule. We do this because it is both TRANSPARENT and FAIR for our customers.
  • Make sure that the supplements contain minimum additives When taking many supplements each day, the purity matters even more. Making sure the supplements you take are as pure as possible is therefore important. When we speak about purity, we are not only referring to the contaminants, which have to be addressed by all food supplement manufacturers. Instead, we are referring to various additives that are included typically in the food supplements such as Magnesium Stearate and Maltodextrin. At MCS Formulas, we do our best to avoid the use of such additives, and we succeeded in most of the cases to remove them and have pure and clean products.


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