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Modified Citrus Pectin, 500mg Capsules


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Introducing a new standard of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) –
The first Pure MCP completely soluble in Water

  • HIGHEST BIO-AVAILABILITY: unlike other brands, our MCP dissolves in water. This makes it more likely to enter the circulation and bind to and block Galectin-3 and heavy metals*
  • LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT: 5 to 22 kDa molecular weight range
  • PURE – NO ADDITIVES: capsules contain Modified Citrus Pectin and nothing else
  • MADE IN EU – capsules are manufactured in Germany
  • Major Keywords: Detox, Colon, Breast, Prostate

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– Water solubility is crucial for the bioavailability of natural compounds, allowing them to pass through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream.
– Substances that are not water-soluble might become more soluble with higher water temperatures, but this can negatively impact the properties of the compound. MCS Formulas MCP dissolves in cold water, maintaining its beneficial properties.


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Our focus at MCS Formulas is to provide some of the World’s best food supplements in terms of effectiveness and purity, and deliver that as fast as possible to our customers. This is why we provide the following:

ULTRAFAST WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: we ship to nearly every country around the World, using the best carriers, such as FedEx, UPS and DHL Express

MANY OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE WORLD’S BEST IN THEIR CATEGORY: We very much care about what goes into our products as we do our best to provide the best with a focus on

– maximizing effectiveness

  • we are using some of the highest quality ingredients sources available
  • while adding large amounts of active ingredients in each capsule
  • supported by formulations to improve absorption

– maximizing purity

  • we are testing raw materials prior to manufacturing the capsules using some of the largest analysis laboratories such as Eurofins
  • we are testing the product after manufacturing using one of Europe’s largest food testing laboratory, Agrolab in Germany
  • minimizing and in most of the cases not using any additive – this makes the production slow and expensive but delivers clean products for the user

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Pectin, a natural polysaccharide found in the cell walls of most higher plants such as citrus fruits, has gained increasing attention over the past decade due to its potential health benefits. (1)

Pectin and Galactin-3

One of the main mechanisms attributed to pectin’s health benefits is the inhibition of Galectin-3 (2). Galectin-3 is a type of protein that consists of beta-galactoside-binding proteins involved in many cellular functions. It contains a carbohydrate recognition domain that allows it to bind to sugars found on the surface of cells and extracellular matrix components.

Galectin-3 is expressed in various cell types, including macrophages, epithelial cells, and fibroblasts. Its expression can increase in response to stimuli such as inflammation and tissue injury. Galectin-3 plays roles in cell adhesion, cell growth and differentiation, immune response, and fibrosis. Elevated levels of Galectin-3 have been associated with various diseases, making it a potential therapeutic target for health challenges involving inflammation and fibrosis (3, 4).

Indeed, Galectin-3  is involved with several cellular activities, which include apoptosis, cell migration, proliferation, angiogenesis and epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT) and it is therefore known to play a key role in the spread and metastasis process (5). In unhealthy cells, Galectin-3 over-expressing cells show an increased migration, whereas down-regulation of galectin-3 expression results in decreased migratory and invasive characteristics of unhealthy cells (6).

Pectin and Heavy Metals

Pectin may also bind with heavy metals and toxins in the body, facilitating their excretion (7). Its binding properties are explored for environmental purposes, such as removing heavy metals from wastewater (8). This ability to form complexes with metal ions makes pectin useful in various applications where such interactions are beneficial.

Pectin and Digestive Health

As a soluble fiber, pectin can absorb water and form a gel-like substance in the digestive tract, supporting digestion and regular bowel movements. It also provides nourishment for beneficial gut bacteria. The fermentation of pectin by gut bacteria produces short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), such as butyrate, which support a health colon (9).

Therefore, incorporating pectin-rich foods such as apples, citrus fruits, and berries into the diet can provide multiple health benefits.

The Bioavailability Challenge of Pectin and the Emergence of Modified Citrus Pectin

Due to its large molecular size, pectin is poorly absorbed in the small intestine and passes largely intact into the colon (10). Therefore, in this case, its health benefits will be limited mainly to digestive health.

To enable pectin to be absorbed into the bloodstream, where it can inhibit Galectin-3 and interact with heavy metals, the large pectin molecule have to be broken down into smaller pieces through enzymatic alterations. These smaller pieces of pectin are known as Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP).

Therefore, Modified Citrus Pectin is a form of Pectin but with a lower molecular weight. MCP has a lower molecular weight than regular pectin, typically less than 20,000 Daltons, compared to pectin’s range of 60,000 to 130,000 Daltons.

Modified Citrus Pectin at MCS Formulas: Introducing a New Standard

Not all MCP powders are created equal, and most MCP powders available as food supplements are not fully water-soluble.

Our new MCS Modified Citrus Pectin formulation stands out for its purity, solubility, and bioavailability. Unlike established MCP powders, ours is highly soluble in water, at room temperature, leading to better bioavailability. This enhanced dissolution increases the potential for effective Galectin-3 inhibition and detoxification.

*The statements in this section have not been evaluated by the FDA or EFSA.




Supplement Facts

Capsules per Container: 120 Amount Per Capsule %DV
Modified Citrus Pectin [Citrus Extract, Peels] 500 mg *
* Daily Value [DV] not established

Other Ingredients

Vegetarian Capsule [HYPROMELLOSE] and nothing else.

Not manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in a Quality facility that processes milk, whey, soy, egg, fish and nuts. Suitable for vegans.

Suggested use

As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules, 1-2 times daily, on an empty stomach or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Store in a cool dry place.


If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplements. Do not use if inner bottle seal is missing, torn or damaged in any way. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Food supplements: should not be used as a substitute for a varied and healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach from children. Do not exceed the daily intake recommended by your healthcare provider.

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