MCS Formulas aims to enhance and lengthen the lives of people in need

For thousands of years, traditional medicine has provided solutions to health challenges, continuously demonstrating the immense power of nature. This makes perfect sense when you consider that—as a species—humans have evolved alongside plants and fungi, causing our cells to recognize and welcome their nutritional and medicinal benefits.

During the past few decades, scientists have begun to unravel the mysteries behind the contribution of medicinal herbs and fungi to healthy, vibrant living. Unfortunately, despite the growing body of research, the divide between traditional and modern day (allopathic) medicine has not been bridged. This means that the solutions provided by nature—and backed by scientific enquiry—are not yet recognized as viable answers to the problem of failing health.

MCS Formulas was developed as a means of bridging this gap and to contribute significantly to wellbeing and longevity.

We exist to provide the resources to help you and your loved ones in need to live a longer, healthier life—in concert with any treatment deemed necessary by medical professionals.

MCS Formulas provides value for our customers and community in two distinct ways:

  1. We provide the highest quality product formulations focusing on strength, purity and fair price including curated product combinations for specific conditions, and
  2. We donate an important part of our profits to projects that link traditional medicine with today’s research, enabling enhanced treatments for cancer patients.

The remaining profits are reinvested in MCS Formulas to enable our continued healthy growth and contribution. Everything of value to humankind began with a thought, belief, and taking that vital first step. We have taken the first few steps of a long journey.

Our firm belief and mandate is that MCS Formulas exists for your benefit. As a much valued customer, we actively solicit your input and suggestions concerning the most relevant projects we should consider supporting through our “WE DONATE” program. If you have any suggestions on this line, please contact us!

This is why, our mission is our motto “Science and Care for a Better Life”.


Daniel is the founder of MCS Formulas, incorporated in the Netherlands in 2019.

The company evolved from Daniel’s research into the contribution of natural substances to a healthier body, and from witnessing the experiences of his loved ones with cancer.

Daniel obtained his PhD in Physics from Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands) in 2008. The results of his research contributed to several international awards from the USA, Japan, Belgium, and the Netherlands. These were highlighted by the prestigious Spinoza Prize—viewed as the Dutch Nobel Prize—in 2008. Daniel’s pioneering research fostered his drive to continue to demonstrate that even the “impossible” can become a possibility when thoughtfully addressed with a determined and open mind.

At the age of 33, Daniel was promoted to Director of Strategy for a global technology company. Shortly after, his mother and 32-year-old wife, Mihaela, were diagnosed with cancer.  While his mother recovered, Mihaela was told she had only months to live with aggressive stage IV adenocortical carcinoma. This kind of cancer has no effective treatment, so Daniel applied himself to intensive academic research, developing a global network of distinguished clinicians and scientists, as well as patients and their caregivers. As a result, Daniel and Mihaela stepped into the field of repurposed drugs, nutritional therapies and novel treatments that helped slow the cancer’s progression. Sadly, although her life had been extended by three more years, Mihaela passed in October, 2016.

During his wife’s illness, Daniel started a well respected blog, cancertreatmentresearch.com, which he has continued in honour of Mihaela, to help patients in similar need.

Later, during 2017, Daniel incorporated MCS Foundation for Life, a non-profit organization focused on bridging the academic space with the clinical space, to contribute to the life of cancer patients.

Daniel participated as a co-author of scientific papers published in medical journals

Cellular Acidification as a New Approach to Cancer Treatment and to the Understanding and Therapeutics of Neurodegenerative Diseases

A New and Integral Approach to the Etiopathogenesis and Treatment of Breast Cancer Based Upon Its Hydrogen Ion Dynamics


As a founder of MCS Formulas, Steffen’s exceptional combination of education and experience serves the company well. His passion for programming and digital network creation took root during his school years, leading to the development of his first Internet service company, which continues today.

In 2012, Steffen completed a BSc in computer science at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, focusing on software ergonomics, user interface, and user experience design. While here, he and his fellow students founded an innovative company in the field of social shopping—where networking, peer reviews and experiences form a basis for increased consumer satisfaction and augmented sales.

Following the sale of this company to investors, Steffen founded a tourism company and in 2016, having accumulated extensive experience in the field of online marketing, founded a cross-media agency incorporating over 150 companies.

As with Daniel, Steffen’s life was profoundly impacted by cancer when a close relative became ill. This led him to research the possibility of enhancing conventional treatments through use of natural products with a proven track record. Joining Daniel in the launch of MCS Formulas, Steffen has put his online marketing experience to full use: Not only does deeper market penetration help more patients in their quest for improved health but, under the We Donate 50% program, also channels much-needed funds into promising research projects.